Our passion is to deliver Unique and innovative Food Supplements and Beverages to customers all over The Nordics. 


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At Premium Products we have a strong Network of dealers all over Scandinavia and The Nordics. We deliver our products on a daily basis to the leading Wholesalers, particulary in Denmark, and to Danish Retailers such as Hørkram, Helsam, Matas, SuperBest, The Blue Planet, Palæo and many more. Further to this, our products are sold in a number of popular web-shops.


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We have achieved great experience in importing and distributing Food and Beverages and therefore always offer competitive prices. Contact us


At Premium Products we prefer quality rather than qantity. That's why we always stay innovative and focused on the great taste. View our Brands


Our typical customers are Supermarkets, Health Food Stores and businesses within the HORECA segment. Contact us